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8 more weeks....

I've been on the GD diet for 16 weeks now, insulin included. During an u/s today, the dr. said now is the time to really be anal about keeping my numbers low. I feel I have done a very good job, with the occasional slip ups. 8 more weeks is a long time to be strict. I know I can do it. We all can. Anyone have some daily affirmations that are helping you each day when you just want that sandwich with white bread or the Easter candy that stares you in the face at the grocery store?

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  • No affirmations, but I feel the exact same way (though I am not on insulin).  I have pretty much followed the diet this whole pregnancy since I had GD last time.  I was planning on having a piece of cake on Easter, but I do feel now is the ti

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  • I just started the diet two weeks ago and I have 8 weeks left, its freaking hard. But DH just keeps saying when this is over you can eat what you want, and to focus on the baby that will be here in 8 weeks. I am hoping to avoid insulin still, but who k

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  • The thing I am focusing on is the big discount post Easter on Cadbury Eggs. I told DH I would love him to buy a stash and hide it so I could celebrate after baby is born. If I think about what I miss right now in the moment, I would start to get mopey.&nb

    EDD 1/31/13, MC May 17. EDD 3/31/13, MC July 26. I miss you so much already my angel loves


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  • I now have a drop necklace that says, FOCUS and there is a little green stone that represents the Emerald. It will be a continuous reminder for me to keep those sugars low! At the same time, I am putting cookies and sweets where I can't get to them until
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