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Advice on getting rid of bedtime bottle?

Okay, Don't judge me.  My almost 15 month old still has a bedtime bottle.  I hold him in my lap, he drinks the bottle and then goes to bed great after that.  I know that he should be off the bottle before bed.  My older children never had a bedtime bottle passed the age of one.  I don't know what my problem is this time.  I think part is that he was a difficult sleeper for so long and now is great that I don't want to rock the boat. Part is that he is my last baby and I don't want to be done with that snuggle time?  

But I need to suck it up and do it.  So, what is your advice for getting rid of it?  My older children were great at bedtime book reading being the "signal" that it was time to wind down for bed.  This baby isn't into sitting for a book yet, I tried.  Any other suggestions of how to get rid of bottle?   

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Re: Advice on getting rid of bedtime bottle?

  • It's ok, my 21 month old still has a bedtime/naptime bottle. I know I need to break him of it soon.

    It's tough when the ILs take care of him while DH and I are at work and they're of the old school mentality of it being cruel to take it away from

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  • We took away the bottles, but were dumb enough to leave them out mainly becasue we didn't have a lot of room to put them anywhere else at the time.  He would want one only at bedtime. We ended up hiding the bottles and we were done, he never bot
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  • We're trying to get rid of it right now - she used to drink about 6 oz every night at bed, and then this week I'm cutting it back to 4... so far so good. We're also switching her to WCM, so the hope is that in a few days we'll cut down to 2-3 oz of bre

  • No judging! My 20 month old still drinks 2 bottles of WCM a day. She drinks everything else from a cup, just not milk. It's a comfort thing for her.

    We have tried several times to break it, including cold turkey. But when she stopped peeing
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  • Well, glad to hear I am not the only one.  I know he doesn't NEED it and it is probably more me than him.  I am sure he will be fine.  He has been the worst sleeper because of frequent ear infections. Now that he has tubes he is sleeping gr
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  • I put my 18 month old down with a sippy cup with water. He won't.go to sleep without a drink and I figure the doc will be happy its not a bottle and its not milk. we both need our sleep!
  • i was really concerned about getting rid of my son's, but it was so much easier than i expected. it was the last bottle we dropped and we started by moving it earlier, so i'd give it to him when we first went upstairs (about 30 min before bath/bedtime rou

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  • My LO has always been a bad sleeper. But I went by the book and stopped giving her a night-time bottle at one-year. We had did the Ferber method to help her sleep through the night (I can't remember what age, but it was after I knew she's wasn't really wa
  • It was also the last one we dropped between 14 and 15 months. Like another poster, we weaned. I started putting a little less milk in the bottle and then I started giving it a little earlier. Finally, we switched to a sippy cup (she'd already been drin

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • We transitioned from the bedtime bottle at 13 momths taking up a sippy of WCM instead.  She gave us a funny look the first night, but after that she was okay with it.  
  • We started by cutting back the ounces in each bottle. DD went from 8oz to 6oz and now is at 4oz. She never transitioned to milk so when we run out of formula there will be no more bottles. I will probably switch down to 2oz for the last few bottles. <br
  • My youngest is almost 15 months as well, and has been off the bottle since 1 year (or so).  We switched her to a nighttime sippy cup of whole milk that she would drink while we held her, and then let her nod off before setting her down.  Now, we
  • Your question is timely for us!  Just last night we started the transition with our 22 month old daughter. Usual routine was to change into PJs, brush teeth, read a book, go into bedroom and have bottle in rocking chair with lights out (some light fr
  • no judging! My niece is going to be 3 in August and still has a bottle. And not just night time, it's for everything. Her dad is an orthodontist too, and he's not concerned... and I believe that is the biggest issue with bottles....

    Anyways, my

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