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I am exhausted...

all. of. the. time! Anyone else? I work PT, H's job is very demanding so I spend a lot of time parenting solo(shout out to you single parents!!!) and taking care of our house solo as well. I am not complaining BUT I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I take vitamins, eat fairly healthy and sleep pretty well. I do drink a large coffee every morning but, am still very very very tired! HELP!

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Re: I am exhausted...

  • I am/was the same way.  I was tired every single second...my doctor checked my thyroid and it was all wonky so I'm on meds to help regulate it.  They are helping but not 100%...I think a lot has to do with just being on the go all the time.</

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  • I Work fulltime have a 3 hour commute and am a single mum. I feel like a zombie all the time. Emma just started sttn so I am getting a bit more sleep but I think it's going to take a long time to make up for a year of less than 5 hours sleep a night. <b
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  • Yes and its not just bc I'm pregnant. For me, my mind is never clear. I'm always thinking about DD, DH, the house, dinner ect. I'm mentally exhausted and I think that translates into being physically exhausted. This weather doesn't help either. It's

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  • I have three, work full time and DH travels for work often so I am on my own four nights/days a week.  I used to feel the way you do almost all the time.  I think the things that helped here were...no caffeine.  It's been a couple years and
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  • Me too! But Logan still wakes up 25 times a night so that doesn't help! I think what other people said about eating well and exercising is the best advice. I take naps with L during the day when I can. I maybe only get 5 hours of total sleep a night so I
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  • I HAD the same problem. I started a diet/cleanse last week from Advocare. It's a 24 day challenge. It's lots of vitamins and shakes/replacement meals and so on. After day 3 of doing this challenge, I felt so much more awake! I felt so rested when I woke u
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