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BM in sippy cup

DS just turned 9 months old. He is EBF. He gets three bottles while he is at daycare. Daycare gives the babies water in a sippy cup with their food. What is an appropriate age to start having DS drink breast milk from a sippy cup while at daycare?
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Re: BM in sippy cup

  • I can't say I know that there is an appropriate age, but with our DD she was exclusively bottle fed and got 5 bottles a day.  She really got the hang of her sippy cup around 8 - 8.5 months.  At around 9.5 months I took her dinner bottle away

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  • Man we really need to stop using BM for both breast milk and bowel movement...

    I think any time your LO can drink from a sippy is a good time to put breast milk, formula, or water in it.
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