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I just wanted to introduce ourselves. My partner, Ashlie and I had our commitment ceremony over a year ago, but have bee together now a little over four years. Last year we decided to start our journey to Mommyhood. We visited a Fertility Clinic last year, and got the preliminary bloodwork done to determine how fertile I am and such. We then found out that her insurance would be covering none of it at all. We decided to take some time away from it, and save up money to pay off some school debt. I now work at a local hospital that offers phenomenal insurance, and artificial insemination is covered under it. I will be getting on the insurance here in July, and we will then visit a Fertility Clinic again.

 I don't know what we can do in the mean time though to prepare ourselves. I am taking prenatal vitamins already, and we bought a Basal Body Thermometer. I see everyone here talking in a language that I am so beyond confused about. I know eventually we will understand it, but for now I am at a loss!

 Where did you start? What should we be doing? Am I doing anything wrong?

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  • Welcome to the board! We did IUI as well. Feel free to PM me about it!
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  • Welcome! I'd recommend taking a peek at the newbie sticky at the top of the board, it'll help you with some of the language and resources you won't see it if you're from your phone.

    This board is a really friendly and supportive place, I th
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  • Welcome to the board! You'll find everyone here to be very supportive and full of useful knowledge!

    As stated above, read the newbie link. It has so much useful information! You'reon the right track already with prenatals and temping.
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  • Hi and welcome! In addition to gleaning lots of good info from this board, you will probably be recommended to read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It has a lot of useful information on temping, listening to your body, etc. In my case, my fertil
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  • Welcome and if you need anything we will be here!!


  • Hi!  I am new too.  We did IUI also and got pregnant on our first try (!!!)

    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!

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