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Floor bed?

Just wondering if anybody has thoughts on floor beds (mattress on the floor). I am due in September and was recently looking at all the things we must get for our baby. Originally I was gonna get a crib, didn't even think twice about it! But recently found out that we will be moving several states away before the baby is three months old (military always has the best timing, lol).  I know I will be ok with a bassinet (packnplay with bassinet attachment) for the first couple months but then I started finding post about floor beds and am really considering giving it a try, any personal experience's? 




Re: Floor bed?

  • Are you planning on co sleeping? If so, I think a floor bed is fine. If not, I would get a crib. My DD rolls all over the place and if she was not confined to a crib she would certainly roll off the edge. Even a matress on the floor is high enough that I
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  • I would post on the AP board, attachment parenting, if you are interested in co sleeping. You can certainly cosleep safely if you are interested.

    You can also wait and decide if you need a crib. You can easily buy cribs at target, amazon

  • If you are already going to have PNP, why not just have them sleep in there if you don't want to buy a crib?

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