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When I went for my ultrasound after being on Clomid for 5 days the nurse had measured 4 follies all measured 10 or 11 at cd10. We aren't able to Moe forward with iui due to a pylop in my uterus. I am getting that taken out. When talking with the Dr he said so once we take care if that we can move forward with iui next cycle. Then he came back and said another note is your not ovulating and will put me on 100mg of Clomid for next cycle. I know during my last iui I did get a positive opk but the ultrasound 5 days later showed no ovulation. Now I have ALWAYS been regular never any issues. How does he figure I wasn't going to ovulate this cycle or were the follies just no measuring at a good size at cd10 after being on 50mg of Clomid? I am just confused I am going back in April for pre op apt so I can tall about the procedure and ask more questions. But if you have any advice it would be appreciated.

Married in September 2010, started TTC journey November 2012


7 IUI- 2 CP- 2 BFN

RPL blood work 12/27, showed a balance translocation in chromosome 11;22  



New Plan: Reciprocal IVF, me as carrier wife's eggs. Just went through insurance and received partial approval, so my part will go through my IVF benefits and wife's part will be out of pocket. Now just finalizing finance plans to cover the oop costs. Doctors office is in process of moving to a new building so there are no IVF start ups until March/April 2015. 





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  • Hi there, I had a very similar situation to you. I had to have polyp removed and then go on a higher dose of clomid. I then switched to femara because I had bad reactions to it. What is your question exactly?
    M&K met 8/2002 married 6/2012
    TTC with RE since March 2012
    3 missed O's, 6 IUIs = 1 BFP then 8 w M/C, 5 BFNs
    (2 unmedicated IUIs, 2 clomid IUI, 2 femara IUI)
    Shared maternity/partner IVF, transfer #1 BFP!
    EDD 11/28/13
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