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Second miscarriage and need advice, Tricare Prime

I am new to this board. DH is stationed at Fort Campbell, KY and we have two kids. I miscarried in November. I started spotting at 4 weeks, 5 days. Went to ER and my hCG was 151. Cramping and bleeding got worse at 5 weeks so I went back to ER. HCG was 108. Diagnosis of miscarriage and followed back to 0.

Had a +HPT at 3 weeks, 6 days on 3/17. HCG on 3/20 was 93.7. Cramping on 3/24, started spotting very early on 3/25 so I went to ER. HCG was 80.6 at 5 weeks.

I have an appointment tomorrow to see OB doc and have to get labs done again. Do you think they will order any testing at this point? If they don't order testing can I request it and what will they check for? Will Tricare Prime pay for testing? TIA!

HPT 11/20/2012 EDD 8/1/2013 Miscarriage 11/27/2012

Re: Second miscarriage and need advice, Tricare Prime

  • Unfortunately testing doesn't have much to do with tricare, many tests for reccurent miscarriages are covered by tri-care but each doctor differs in what they deem necessary. As others have already mentioned standard for most doctors is 3 miscarriages

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  • Im very sorry for your losses. You could ask your OB for a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist... the new protocol is to do RPL testing after two consecutive losses... used to be three. I have had two losses, nonconsecutive, and my OB was happy to
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  • If the OB orders the tests, they will be covered. With that said, I highly doubt that any tests will be ordered. The standard of care is 3 consecutive miscarriages before testing will be done. Add the fact that you've had live births, and that will fur

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  • I'm so sorry for your losses. I've had two as well and it's just an awful experience.

    I'm Standard and see a civilian OB, but she said they don't do testing until a third loss ::she said she'd count all mine even though ds was born in betwee

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  • I am sorry for your losses. I think PPs answered your question about when they will start testing, just wanted to add in that if you have been TTC #3 for over a year you can request to be seen by an RE. They may not do anything with the current loss but m
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