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nursing since birth

My so is 9months today. I have been nursing since birth. When I was working 6wks to 5months old I used be able to pump about 5oz in 15min. I could do that every two hrs. And still be able to go home nurse my son and pump more.
Well about a month after I stopped working, I didn't have a reason to pump so i stopped. Well now 3months of not working, I'm looking for another job. My milk supply is so low. I can barely get an oz in 30min. My son still nurses but i can't pump much out...

What can I do?

Re: nursing since birth

  • Your supply has likely regulated to match your baby's intake and if you're nursing right after a feeding the extra milk just won't be there. Pick a regular time to pump that works with your baby's nursing schedule and build up a small stash. My guess is t
  • The more you pump the more you're likely to make. When I was working on increasing my supply I would feed the baby and then pump right after. After three or four days I started to see an increase.

    You can also try supplements. Fenugreek
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