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Moving mid-pregnancy-Tricare question

We just found out we are moving to a new base in the middle of June, which will make me 5 months pregnant. At the base we are at now we were able to go to a hospital that did waterbirths with certified nurse midwives. That was my plan again but obviously that won't happen. I can't seem to find information on switching my care halfway through, and finding a cnm that attends waterbirths has been impossible. In my research it looks like insurance won't cover a CPM, only a CNM. The base is in a very small town (Goodfellow AFB) and I'm unsure of how to proceed. Can I work with Tricare to get it covered?

Re: Moving mid-pregnancy-Tricare question

  • Im pretty sure you can have a midwife on tri-care you just have to find one that accepts tri-care. As for working with tri-care to cover something, its either covered or its not, its usually not a negotiable thing. Tri-care reps are usually very helpful I
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  • I moved mid-pregnancy as well.  I ended up switching to Standard and was able to find a great mid-wife group that delivered at the hospital I wanted to deliver at.  I did not do a water birth, but the hospital we delivered at had water birthing
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  • If you switch to Standard,I urge you to choose a provider NOW, and get int contact with them. I switched to Standard in the middle of my pregnancy. My new provider had to review my records and accept me as a new patient due to being a transfer mid-pregnan
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  • Thanks for the help! I had called but because they are doing a switch of insurance the first of April they all told me to wait. Also the new insurance I'll only be on for 3 months before we move and switch again. Crazy. I never thought about switching to
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