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We did Femara for #1 and got pregnant a few cycles in - I have irregular/anovulatory cycles.  Baby is now almost 3 years old.

We are a year into TTC #2, using Femara with timed intercourse beginning in June (took December off).  We used Ovidrel one month also on a monitored cycle, but it made my cycle very short.

Anyways - we really need to sit down with the RE and figure out what we want to do.  The one thing we haven't done is having husband's sperm analyzed.  We are at the point of IUI really being next step - but I have read that the % odds of getting pregnant versus timed intercourse aren't significant (unless there is male factor going on). 

I'm torn between just being satisfied with 1 and letting nature take its course (whatever that will be!) versus more invasive measures. 

Would love input from anyone who took next step!


Re: IUI ?

  • My DH and I were TTC out first for 18months. We did 3 cycles of Clomid with no luck. The we did IUI with daily injectibles and a trigger. We ended up with a BFP but I had a miscarriage. Then while waiting for 1 natural cycle to let my body get back to normal we ended up with a BFP naturally! The IVF Clinic is shocked and amazed. I'm 7w2d. Maybe your body just needs a kick start.

    Good luck!
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