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Would you feel comfortable...

traveling 4-5hrs away from home 2 weeks before due date?  There is a family event that we really should go to, I just wonder how safe it is.  I forgot about it, and haven't had a chance to ask the doc.  Maybe it will need to be a last minute judgement call.  Thanks for your input! :)
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Re: Would you feel comfortable...

  • Personally I wouldn't.  Both of my labors happened early (37ish weeks) and progressed very very quickly.  Had I been that far away at the time, I wouldn't have made it to our hospital.  Totally your call - you could end up going far beyond
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  • I wouldn't but I have a history of PTL/pPROM. I would ask your OB AND call you insurance. Some will not cover an out-of-network hospital visit/birth after a certain point in your pregnancy.

    And honestly I don't know how comfortable you'd

  • I wouldn't. For the exact same reasons PPs stated. 
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  • I would not and I didn't have anything unusual with my pregnancy. But I traveled 8 hours at around 35 weeks and it was not comfortable being in a car that long. We had to stop a lot for the bathroom and to limit the swelling in my feet. 
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  • That's cutting it a little too close for me. Definitely check with your OB because they may have some advice for you. I think mine has a cut off - no travel after X weeks or something.

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  • No I definitely would not go. I was high risk, so my OB recommended that I stay close to home/the hospital just in case something happened starting at 28 weeks.



  • If it were 1, maybe 2 hours away, I would be inclined to go, but not 4 or 5.  I was overdue with both of my babies and I still wouldn't go that far away so close to your due date.
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  • I wouldn't either - I also went into labor early (37 weeks, 6 days) and my labor was very fast once it turned into active labor. If I was traveling, I would have had the baby there - and that wouldn't have worked out for our insurance (which is HMO,
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  • The thought of being 37-38 weeks pregnant and in a car for 4-5 hours makes me want to cry.  And its only worse that would be in the heat of summer.


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  • No thanks.
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  • image 2have2hold:
    I wouldn't. For the exact same reasons PPs stated. 

    This exactly.  I starting

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  • I'm pretty sure as soon as I hit about 36-37 weeks my OB told me not to travel over an hour away. I wouldn't have done it, but its up to you....
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