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St. Francis or Community South?

Anyone have experience with either or both for delivery? I'm going all natural and want to be able to move freely with a mobile monitor or intermittent monitoring. I'm also interested in having access to an in-room shower or tub for use during labor (but not for birthing in!!). I'm new to Indiana and do not know many who have had first hand experience at either. Thanks!
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Re: St. Francis or Community South?

  • Only thing I have in common (I had a home birth) is the natural birth way, which I'm all for! 
  • I had a friend that has 6 kids...4 of them were born at St. Francis South Campus...the first 2 born at St. Francis were good experiences. The last 2, not so much. Then my sister had her first son at St. Francis South....AWFUL experience. She told them she was allergic to metal...she had a c-section and then they gave her staples. So she wound up with an infection causing her to not be able to breastfeed and so on and so forth...I would recommend Community South.


  • I was at St. Francis for both my babies.  With my son I was at St. Francis on Stop 11 and Emerson then with my daughter I was at St. Francis Mooresville.  I had a good experience at both although I liked Mooresville a LOT better than the other one.  With the one on Stop 11 the check in took forever and you deliver in one room then are taken to a recovery room that's pretty small for the rest of your stay.  Also, the anesthesiologist didn't walk me through what he was doing at all for the epidural he just came in and did it.  It didn't even work all the way.  At Mooresville you stay in the room you deliver in.  They're pretty decent sized rooms. I loved the nurses and the anesthesiologist was awesome! She walked me through the entire process as she was doing it and made sure I was completely comfortable before she left the room.  Then she came back in after I had my daughter and came to check on me every day I was there. Also, the nurses at Mooresville were amazing!  If you do choose St. Francis and Mooresville isn't too far away for you I'd definitely choose that!  Hope this helps!
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  • I delievered at st francis south on emerson absolutly loved it! All the nurses were excellent! I was already prereg so I was wheeled up by one of the nurses. My epidural was perfect I was walked through by the nurse who held me up. I deliever in 45mins yes transfered to the postpartum floor like any other hospital. I had room service the nurses came in checked on us. We could have vistors all day. We had our own shower which had a seat in it; my husband even had his own pull out bed. I work at community and hate doing any procedure there because the nurses are poor at following up. There is no place but a chair for yu loved ones. The showers are all stand up... yu pay extra for room service.
  • I delivered my son at St. Francis Moorsville, and was the best experiance! I was induced, and it went so smooth.  The nurses were great, and every time I got a new nurse, the nurse was better then the last one.  I highly reconmend St Francis Moorseville.  With that said I am pregnant with #2 and my ob still has an office at st francis moorseville, but they told me I have to deliver at Community South this time (which is now an extra 20 min from my house).  I have heard good things fro Community South but not sure about it.
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