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Self Pay Part 1 Fetal Anatomy Ultrasound-Mia


I am self paying for all my pre-natal care due to being self employed and having no rider policy in place for maternity care. I was just quoted $815 for a part 1 fetal anatomy ultrasound (done at 11-13 weeks).

Does anyone have any advise on where I can get this done for cheaper? I live in Mia but will travel South Florida for a cheaper option. 

Thank you,


Re: Self Pay Part 1 Fetal Anatomy Ultrasound-Mia

  • Hi, I saw your post in the October board and thought you might post here too!

    I had insurance during my last pregnancy but still was able to compare the ridiculous costs for u/s. u/s done at hospitals are so expensive, it would have cost arou
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  • Thank you. I will check this option out. This first one is optional. They check for down syndrome, and other indicators that may pose a disability. Do you remember how much your anatomy screen was, without the copay? 

    Thanks again, and congr

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  • I actually found the receipt! I'll send you a private message as I don't want to put the price and office name on here. If you are on the mobile site (which I was), I don't think you can send/read a private message until you click 'full site' on the botto
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  • Thank you. I just wrote you back. I really appreciate it!
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