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Black dots? TMI

this may be a bit TMI but I am curious. I usually check my nipples to clean them out b/c my colostrum dries up in their cracks. Well I've noticed inbetween the cracks of my nipples there are black spots that I can pick out too. They've also become a cluster under my nipple on my areola. If I scratch at them they come off easy too. Has anyone else noticed or experienced this? Is it normal? I have only had the usual sensitivity pain. I'll have to ask my doctor at my next appointment, but I was curious if I was  the only one or if anyone else new what this was? TIA

Re: Black dots? TMI

  • I have the same dried colostrum issue, but no black specks, no.  No idea!  Unles -- could it just be fabric from your bra / shirt?
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  • nope, it's like skin. I've tried finding pictures of it on google, but I haven't found anything yet.

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  • Could it be dried blood? Maybe from irritation?

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  • I have kind of dark scab like pieces that come out of my nipples every few days when in the shower. Not black, per se, but dark.
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  • i have something similar in areas arounf my areola. Mine are more like dark brown, almost scab-like and very dry. I spoke with a lactation consultant and my OB- both said it's normal. You want to keep your nipples and area clean, but you really don't want
  • Thanks!!!! This is a better discription than what I gave.
  • They are flat skin tags. I've been getting them. Its safe to flake them off. They may bleed a lil, stop if they do. After a couple of days they should be able to come off the rest of the way or scab up. Hope this helps!
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  • May lurker here but YES. I asked my midwife about it a few weeks ago. I described it almost like a blackhead, but you don't have to squeeze to get it out. She said that sometimes the oils and skin flakes can form these little bumps and it is normal and no
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  • It's a black thing girl.  (I'm African American and have been nursing off and on for almost 8 years).  You'll see it ALOT more when LO starts nursing.  I have the same thing and the black dots are actually tiny flakes of skin from the areol
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