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Anyone else still waiting..

For their first ultrasound? I'll be 7 weeks on Monday and my appointment isn't for another two weeks. I'm so anxious to see the little peanut and make sure all is okay. So far, I've been very lucky in that I've had no nausea...just sore boobs! I had blood work last week and they confirmed my pregnancy and my HCG levels looked good! My fingers are crossedpraying for a healthy pregnancy and baby!
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Re: Anyone else still waiting..

  • Mine is on 4/4. So excited/nervous.
  • Yep.  My dr only does an u/s at 20 weeks, standard practice.  I've had 2 previous m/c and I'm still considered to have a normal pregnancy.  I will, however, go for an elective u/s around 12 weeks for my peace of mind.  Only symptom I h
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  • Just got my BFP yesterday and ill be calling my dr tomorrow to set up an appt.  I'm guessing myself at 4w6d right now, so I'm going to assume my first appt won't be for about a month or so...
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  • What were your hcg levels? Just curious. I snatched an ultrasound tech today at work hospital and she peeked for me, saw the sac measuring 5w2d...but nothing is visible in the sac yet. I'm so anxious to have my official U/S and there better be something i
  • I chose my appt for 4/1 (would have gone this week but OB is on spring break with his family) so I was ok waiting. I will be 7 weeks 1 day for my 1st appt/ultrasound
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  • Yup. First u/s is 4/5 and it seems like forever away.

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  • I have my first doctors appointment on Tuesday, and we'll schedule an ultra sound appointment after that.  Typically they are done at 12 and 20 weeks here (and possibly 32 if determined necissary).  I'll end up with one fairly soon just to make
  • ky29ky29 member

    She said she would do one at my first appointment, on 4/16, which I will be exactly 8 weeks.  Seems so far away!!!

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  • Yup - it is finally tomorrow!

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  • I won't have my first appointment until the end of April when I'm 12 weeks.
  • My first appt is 4/4 when I'll be 7 weeks. I am anxious to see something and have it set in more permanently.  

  • My first appointment is 4/10 - I'm hoping they do an U/S.
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  • I'm still waiting to have my first appt, which is April 5. We'll schedule my first u/s for a week or two after my first appt.
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  • I'm still waiting too. I'll be 7 weeks and 6 days, almost 8 weeks, when I have my next appointment. I'm pretty sure they'll do an ultrasound. Hoping so anyway. Calling and asking is on my todo list.
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  • I had an U/S on 3/18 at 5w2d. Saw the sac, it was pretty cool. Next one is on 4/8 and I will be 8w2d. It feels like forever.

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  • First appt isnt until 4/9, and thats just a consult and labs.  2nd appt is 4/16 for an exam and hopefully an u/s.  fingers crossed.  I will be 8 1/2 weeks by the 2nd appt.  Time has slowed down dramaticly for me since i found out i was


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  • Mine is April 3rd... I feel like it is sooo far away... Lol
  • April 1... Wish it was tomorrow!
  • My appointment isn't until April 1. I am so much closer.
  • I am still waiting for my first appointment. It is 4/8 and I will be 8 weeks 4 days. The person who set the appointment said they ld do an U/S then and that was why they  until 8 weeks. More to see.

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  • First ultrasound isn't until May 1st. I'll be 11w6d.
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  • I still don't have my first appointment yet but my first appointment and ultrasound will be in just over 2 weeks which outs me at 8 weeks. I leave for Germany from week 912 so they have to get me in then.
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  • My first appoint isn't until April 8th. I'll be 9w5d by then. Feels like FOREVER away.
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  • I believe my HCG level was 3,000 at 6 weeks..I don't know a lot about the numbers but she said it was good and has doubled. I had a miscarriage 6 years ago prior to being married, haven't tried to get pregnant again until now and she said as long as I am
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  • Yes! Don't get my second betas back until tomorrow and my first doctor appointment, and hopefully u/s will be on 4/2!! Hoping for good news!
  • imagealexismatteo:
    I won't have my first appointment until the end of April when I'm 12 weeks.

    This exa
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  • I have my frist u/s on Tuesday and then I'll have another at 8 weeks.  Anxious/nervous/excited!
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  • I have my forst appointment on Weds. I'll be 7w5d. I'm a mixture of excited and nervous! All this waiting is excruciating!!
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  • I have my nurse appointment April 3. My first doctor appointment is April 11and I will have an ultrasound. I will be almost 10 weeks my doctor doesn't do ultrasounds before 9 weeks.
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  • I had one on Mar 11th and the next one is on April 4th. I'll be 9 weeks 2 days. I can't wait for that next ultrasound!!! Only 11 more days! Haha!
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  • I am having an ultrasound done on 4/12 when I'm at the end of 8 weeks. Just had blood work done this past Friday and am waiting for the results. So excited for the ultrasound! We are hoping to have some print outs so we can break the news to our families.
  • My first appt is 4/2 and my first ultrasound is 4/8.  I'll either be 7 or 8 weeks at the time of the ultrasound.  I did have all of my preliminary blood work done the Monday after I found out.
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  • I'm still waiting for my first ultrasound, though I have already been to my first appointment.  My first appointment was basically just answering a bunch of questions about my and my DH's medical history and peeing in a cup.  The next one is sup
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  • Yep- i'm surprised so many have them so early!  In Canada, we have a prenatal screen that includes u/s b/w 11-14 weeks; this is optional. Other wise, it's at 20 wks and that's it unless they need to send you back.  Just curious if in the USA you

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  • imageky29:

    She said she would do one at my first appointment, on 4/16, which I will be exactly 8 weeks.  Seems so far away!!!<

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  • I won't go in until 4/17, and I'm not sure they'll look at the baby then.


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  • I'm at six weeks and no ultrasound yet! I'm anxious too, I have an appointment with by OB on April 1, ill be 8 weeks then and am Hoping for an ultrasound Then. I have also had no nausea as of now, just sore boobs too, and occasional weird uterine feelings
  • Mine is 4/3 I'll be 6w2d.

    I think the only reason I'm even doing one so early is because I started IF testing with my dr right before getting my BFP.

  • NL105NL105 member
    I had an u/s with my RE at 5 weeks and then she dismissed me to my regular OB.  I wasn't expecting an u/s with my OB until about my 12 week appt but she actually did one at my 8 week appt last Friday so we got to see the heartbeat. Idk if s
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