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We're moving to Baltimore next month and I need to find an OB. We'll be in the downtown area. Any recommendations for a good OB and what hospital to deliver at? Thanks!

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  • I've been going to capital women's care. They're right across from Towson university and I'll be delivering at st.joes which is also right next to Towson university. The hospital is extra nice, they have a level 3 NICU god forbid we need it, all the doctors are te practice are highly trained and experienced. The staff is awesome also! They take most insurance plans as well as priority partners through the state!
  • I delivered DS at GBMC and will deliver this one there as well. They also have a level III NICU which we needed with DS as well as a high-risk unit which we also needed. I primarily see Dr. Singh at Charles Street OBGYN but have seen the other 2 doctors in the practice as well.

    If you want to stay downtown I have heard good things, through friends, about Mercy Hospital, but I don't have any doctor recs there. 

  • I highly recommend Charles Street OBGYN - they're based out of GBMC hospital which is also where I delivered. I highly recommend them both.
  • Dr.Scott Supplee at GBMC is amazing. I highly recommend him.
  • I had to unexpectedly deliver at Mercy, and the midwives and doctor were fantastic. The midwives are here (Keisha delivered my son):


    Dr. Mudd and Dr. Julian oversaw my case and were great:




    My son spent 2 weeks in the NICU, and aside from one nurse, his care was stellar. I spoke with the charge nurse about the nurse I had an issue with and she was removed from my son's care without question or drama. They were really wonderful.

    They've also moved L&D and the NICU since I delivered to brand new and updated space in the hospital. :)

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