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I'm so excited to have found this board, my husband is joining the Navy leave for Meps Mar 28 and of course the recruiter told us all the good stuff. What I want to know is, are your husbands gone often? Is it difficult to get leave for vacations etc? Regardless I will be there but I just want to hear from someone who is not a recruiter or salior, what life is like for wives. Oh he wants to be a hospital corpsman.

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  • Welcome!  DH is a Corpsman.  Does YH already have Corps School in his contract or did he go in undesignated?  As far as how long or how often he will be gone, that will depend on his NEC (whether he is a general Corpsman, FMF, dive med t

  • Our family enjoys Navy life.  Moving around every couple years is the norm and we are always excited for our next duty station.  I've met some of the most amazing people; having friends come and go is probably the hardest part of it.  When
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  • My husband is a Supply Officer and is generally stationed on ships or is on shore duty.

    DH spent 2009-2012 on shore duty and was home 90% of the time.  Part of his job was mobilizing Navy Reservists, so when they were running weekend trainin



  • Shore duty is definitely not a guarantee that your sailor will be home 90 of the time if he's a Corpsman. It is one of the few ratings that will individually augment its sailors to ships or combat zones. DH was deployed last year for 10 months to Afghan
  • It's hard to tell you what to expect because things are constantly changing with the deployment schedules.  H has been in for going on 11 years, and we've been together for 5.  When he was on shore duty (recruiting) he was home every night. &

  • Ah I read going to Basic not MEPS, my bad. Corpsman is a big rating but it can be hard to get because it's a popular rating. I swear you go on a Navy FB page and everyone on there says they want to be a Corpsman. Make sure he has a back up plan for ano
  • DH is a Marine so I can't give any insight on being a corpsman but just military in general. I"m not sure how sailors work but every year, every Marine has to go to range to retest for their rifle qualifications. That being said, they haven't had the "man
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  • Oh and on another note, I love being a Marine wife. It has made us move to the middle of nowhere but I couldn't be happier. He loves his job, and I found a job in my career field as well. There definitely are some challenges but I wouldn't change a thing.
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  • I am a military brat.. No really my father was in the Navy for 20years and retired and my husband is a Pilot currently and I can tell ya, military life can be tough. I'm fortunate to have experienced it pretty much my entire life and as they say, it takes
  • If he wants to be a corpsman, then prepare yourself for getting stationed with the marines. If that happens, then yes he will deploy a lot. But generally, it won't be that often. Probably within his enlistment it will be about 3 times, but really just

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