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Mike and Molly show and TTC

All the ands due to mobile.
Prefacing this with I've only seen what my DVR catches after Two Broke Girls..

Does that show always spread misinformation about TTC? I saw a few weeks back where Molly went to the doc for fertility testing just because, then this past week she had her hips up after sex and Mike made mention of her ovulating for the next 36 hours.

Reminds me of how on HIMYM, Robin was told she'd never conceive after a visit. So unrealistic.

if TV shows are spewing this stuff, it's no wonder some of the posts here. Or am I wrong and have just caught two bad episodes of M and M?

Re: Mike and Molly show and TTC

  • Oh no you did not just catch a bad episode. I've seen one where she was taking a HPT and it was negative and they were like lets go have sex now and test again tomorrow...

    I yelled at the TV saying they were wrong, then I told DH that TTC has rui


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  • I've been yelling at the TV for weeks...love the show, but all the inaccuracies drive me crazy!
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  • I love Mike and Molly, but yes it is terrible.  I posted a thread about it back when they had the sex and test everyday episode. 


    I didn't say anything about they inaccuracies this week because I wanted my husband

  • imageWolfette139:
    I haven't seen Mike amp; Molly, but have heard from others about the constant misinformation about TTC.As for HIMYM, i
  • Yeah, I always notice the inaccuracy of TTC in shows and movies and always point them out.  Like PP said about HIMYM, when Lily and Marshall get upset (I think it was after 3 months?!?) and go to the doctor, wondering what's wrong.  I ye

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  • How boring would it be though to show what it really is.


    "Oh honey, my mucus went from creamy to egg white! Let's hump it out but I need to pee right after or I'll have another UTI"

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  • imageEmeJay:

    How boring would it be though to show what it really is.


    "Oh honey, my mucus went from creamy to eg

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