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Can we talk teeth?

When did your LO(s) get their first teeth?

DD2 just turned 1 on Tuesday and we had her 12 month appointment that afternoon with our pediatrician and one of the areas of concern for me was that she STILL doesn't have any teeth. Pedi wasn't really too concerned seeing that she is just 1 actual, but only 10.5 months adjusted. Pedi did suggest that at 15 months if DD has no teeth that they would refer us to pediatric dentist for x-rays.  I'm trying not to stress, because I read online that some babies don't get teeth until their close two years old.

Annabelle got her first two teeth at 10 months old. 




Re: Can we talk teeth?

  • Lucy got her first tooth just before she turned 7 months old.

    My sisters oldest 2 didn't get teeth until 13 months.
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  • Both girls got a few teeth and then nothing for the longest time.  We remember talking to the pedi about D1's teeth at her 1 year appt and we had the same concerns at D2's one year.  D1's teeth eventually came in.  D2 is almost 16 months


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  • DS got his first 2 teeth just shy of 5 months old. He's been on the early side for all his teeth and we are just waiting now for the 2 year molars.

    But, I've really heard that kids are ALL over the map with this. If your pedi isn't worried yet, I


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  • Ella got her first 2 (bottoms) when she was not quite 6 months old (I remember very clearly b/c it was Memorial Day weekend and we had friends over and I literally could not put her down the entire day - not a fun party for me!)

    The top 2 didn'

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    DD was on the late side.  It's starting to blur now, so if I contradict whatever I said a couple of weeks ago, forgive me.  I think she was 14 months when she got her first 2 and before 15 months she had 4.  Now at almost 17 months she stil
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  • DS1 was fairly normal, first two came in just before seven months and then the came in regularly every few weeks or so after that.

    DS2 did not get his first 2 until he was 11 months. Then five whole months of nothing. Just in the past week, his t

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  • I bet when they do come in, she will get a bunch of them all at once. Greeeeeeeaaaaat, right? Smile 
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  • Claire cut the bottom two at around 10-11 months old, and cut her top two on her first birthday.  She still only had 4-6 teeth when she was 15 months old, and then poppped a whole bunch at month.  Now she's got them all with the exception of her
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  • DS didn't get his first tooth until 11 months.  It was the bottom front.  The next tooth to come in wasn't until 13 months and it was his front tooth. 

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  • Charli got her first two (bottom middle) just after her 4 month appointment. She only had those two for awhile. Then she got in the top two middle at around 6 months. I don't remember the order next but at 15.5 months she has 10 teeth.

    I ag

  • Kieran got his first tooth a week after his first birthday.

    He got his canines around 27 months and I think he's working on his 2 year molars now at 2.5.  I can't feel anything yet but he's been gnawing on toys like crazy.

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  • If I remember correctly my girl starting getting hers around 9 months.  
  • I can understand your concern. I had the same problem. My DD didn't get her first tooth until 19 months. You could see them under the gums, but they hadn't pushed through yet. My pedi suggested that DD have xrays at 18 months if she didn't have

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