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Moving and needing doctors

Hi ladies,

 I haven't been on the bump in forever but it is the first place I thought of when moving. I have a 4 1/2 year old and a 15 month, both girls. My husband is being moved to Indianapolis in a few months. We are unsure exactly what area we will live in but his first two stores will be in Greenwood and Avon areas. I don't know much about either except what he has said. I just put him on a plane to look at neighborhoods, schools and more locations. What I am needing is a OBGYN and a MFS/Neotatologist or a practice that has both in it. I've read a couple of reviews but nothing that really stood out. We are not expecting now but hope sometime during 2013.




Re: Moving and needing doctors

  • Hello from a fellow Whitney! :)  We live in downtown Indy, which is right in the middle between Avon and Greenwood. We love living downtown, but I know it's not for everyone. We just love that there is so much to do downtown, and we can walk or bike to everything - zoo, Children's Museum, parks, boutiques, etc.. Right now we live in Fall Creek Place and are soon moving even closer to downtown into the Old Northside neighborhood. Our kids are almost 2 and almost 4. While I wouldn't send my kids to many of the public city schools, there is an excellent magnet elemetary schools in our neighborhood that our kids will be attending.  My husband grew up on the southside and it was fine, but not a ton of culture or things to do, but a nice enough place for families. The Avon area is near a lot of shopping/restaurants/suburbia. I think the local schools in both of those areas are probably fine. Really, Indy is easy enough to get around that you could probably live anywhere without having a horrible commute to work.

    My OB is a solo practictioner/generalist so she wouldn't be a match for you, but hopefully someone else can give you some recommendations on MDs.

    Welcome to the board!


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  • Welcome to the Indiana board!  We just moved to Avon ourselves (after being in downtown Indy for 4.5 years).  

    I know it would be a hike from Avon or Greenwood (45 minutes to 1 hour away), but if I needed specialized care for a baby in utero I'd probably go up to IU North in Carmel since it's connected to Riley Children's Hospital.  Maybe if you called Riley they could recommend someone for you?

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  • Hi,

    Thank you both so much for your replies. I would love to live in downtown but I think we will stay on the out skirts.  My husband is afraid of traffic. :/

    Avon does seem like the new growing area compared to some others. 

  • Just wanted to suggest looking into the Camby area to live. We live there and love it and its in between Avon and Greenwood and still in the suburbs. Great neighborhoods and schools!!
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  • I grew up near Avon but now live in gwd area. Both are nice. Schools are good. I prefer Greenwood as I find shopping better situated and traffic a lot less. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to Avon. I have also found more kid things in grwd. I prefer the parks here, you have monkey joes bounce houses which are extremely clean, and we LOVE baxter ymca which has both indoor and outdoor pools. We use the gwd community center for affordable kid classes too!!!

    OBGYN I drive to mine 40 min just off 38th street on the west side. Dr Gallagher and Lund both females. Its just convinent for babysitting at moms but since starting there I love them!!!!
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  • Hi, thanks! I will look into the Camby area. We list our house on Friday!
  • Wow, I didn't realize Greenwood and Avon were so far apart.  Greenwood does seem like there are more things going on. 

  • I grew up in Plainfield (just south of Avon), and currently live on the southside as well. I definitely agree... I think there's a lot more to do in Greenwood then in Avon/Plainfield. Also, I couldn't live in Avon because almost anything you would want is along one highway, and that highway gets extremely busy! I'm sure there's backroads you could use though. Camby is a decent area as well.

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  • I live smack in the middle of Avon and it takes me between 30 to 40 minutes to get to Greenwood which is a really nice is Avon, but I feel like there's not that much to do around here and I like that there are more trees on the south side. If you guys do choose to settle in Avon though, I'd reccomend Women's Westside Physicians on Rockville Rd. They are almost always right on time with appointments and my OBGYN Dr. Mazdai was very good with me. They run out of Hendricks Regional Health in Danville which is where you'd give birth. I also loved my stay there. The nurses are usually very helpful and the pediatricians are highly concerened with your baby's wellbeing. Also the hospital food is really good. :3
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