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I am no longer a newbie!!!

Yeah! At 10:36pm on Friday night I posted my 501 post and I am no longer listed as a newbie! You would think since being on the knot/nest/bump since 2004 would have helped me out, but noooooo. I feel accomplished, however I think not working for going on two months now has played in my favor.  Sorry, this is a pathetic post, but I am actually excited.
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Re: I am no longer a newbie!!!

  • YEAH!!! I am SO close!! I am still miffed that all my posts from the knot didn't transfer over!!

  • Congrats!  I hit it last week I think and thought the same thing!

    DS1 - 08.08.08   DS2 - 05.02.10


  • This post should move me from newbie!!!

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