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ikea kids table?



Does anyone have either of these tables? I run an in home day care and wondering which one would be good for 4-5 kids 

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  • The links gave me an error message but...we have the Kritter table and it's held up really well.  Only seats 4 though - all their kids tables are the same size I think?


  • All of the Ikea Kid tables are pretty small and some are flat out tiny.
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  • We have the older version of the sundvik. We love it. We've had it for a couple of years and it is great.
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  • LO's preschool uses the round one in OP's link and it has held up an entire year with 5 kids sitting around it!  Tested by a preschool seems like a pretty good endorsement to me!  in his playroom at home LO has the Kritter one


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    We have an ikea table. It seats 4. We have had it for at least 5 years and it is still in great condition. My younger kids use it daily. It does not fit my 7 yr old that well anymore. But it does not fit more than 4. And you don't have a ton of room if yo
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  • We have a wooden square table from Ikea.  It's held up well and could probably seat four but it would be a tight fit especially with toddlers who are vying for their own space.  

    Perhaps a pinic or retangular table would be a better opt

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