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What's your first fitness goal?

I'm really looking forward to getting back into working out. After experiencing a miscarriage doctor wanted me to take this pregnancy easy. I'm so grateful to be pregnant and cannot wait to meet LO, but I am ready to jump into fitness.

I've already signed up for a 5k in July. It's more of a fun run to raise money for a children's hospital so I figure there's no pressure to run the race fast. But what I really cannot wait for is to get back into pole dancing and aerial silks. After learning I was pregnant I had to quit my job as a pole dancing (for fitness) instructor and I miss it quite a lot. And for Christmas my DH had bought me my own silks. They are hanging in my house and it has been torture not to be able to use them.

And maybe this is too ambitious (LO will always come first) but I am considering competing in another Bikini Fitness Competition in October... 

Just curious, what are other people's fitness goals or activities that they cannot wait to get back into?

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Re: What's your first fitness goal?

  •  These were my lifting stats before I got pregnant.

    Deadlift: 185lbs
    Squats: 165lbs
    Overhead Press: 80lbs
    Bench Press: 135lbs
    Curls: 40lbs
    Fly: 35lbs

    I also ran 5k when I wasn't lifting (every off day). I u

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  • My first goal is to get back to pre pregnancy weight...which is like 40lbs less than I am now :( .. I really let myself use being pregnant as an excuse to eat what I wanted. And now I am going to use my extra lbs as an excuse for me an
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  • Oh yes, I will be joining 'Run for Your Lives' this year. I had to miss last year because it was on ultrasound day and I could not reschedule since they were booked for weeks. I cannot wait to run 5k and at the same time... from zombies. :)
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  • I was in the middle of a weight loss regimen pre preggo. I was down about 43 pounds from my max weight. I gained 36 back in the pregnancy. I had LO on March 2nd and I'm already down 18 pounds. Yay! 

    So my first goal is to get back to my pre

  • My immediate fitness goals include just getting back into running shape - about two months before I got pregnant I fell while running and managed to slip some discs and pull my hamstring.  I want to get healthy enough to get back to trail running, no
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  • Oh, and to the OP, I took pole classes for a while for fitness and that KICKED MY BUTT!  Holy buckets, I was sore and bruised all over!  A friend of mine does both pole and ariels, and that is some intense work.  I'm impressed, and bet you
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  • Ugh, TB just ate my response.

    Long story short: I can't wait to get back to running!!! Pre-pregnancy, I ran 6 days a week and would always run a spring and fall marathon or half-marathon, and I can't wait to get back to it! Not just back into rac

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  • Thanks for sharing your fitness goals ladies! The Run for you Life sounds like so much fun, I looked it up, but they are not doing any in Canada - boo. I hope you have a great time. The race I am doing is Colour Me RAD. You get hit with color bombs thr

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  • I want to get back into running, so I can do races with my family (did a 5K with DH, FIL, BIL only days after I found out I was pregnant, but wound up having to stop running early on in pregnancy).

    im anxious to get back to yoga too.  But I'

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  • I can't wait to get back to running!  I'm aiming for a 5K in May!
  • Is everyone waiting for their 6 week appointment, or are any of you going to start gentle exercise sooner?  I'm 2 weeks pp and I had a second degree tear... I've started walking and I really want to start some gentle yoga again and then run as soon a
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