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PBK Anywhere chair

Does anyone remember when there was a secret code you could put in to get a discounted anywhere chair? If so, any clue if it would still work and does anyone have the info to share?

I used it when I bought my DD her chair so figured I would check before ordering one for DS.

TIA if anyone is able to provide some insight!

Re: PBK Anywhere chair

  • That was during the holidays and only applied to certain colors. You may try googling and see if anything pops up. I remember that I found it on someones blog.
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  • Go on ebay...I was able to get the foam from a different company and quite frankly it's better quality than my sons PBK purchased chair...the all you need is the slipcover from PBK
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  • Try uglysofa.com - that is where I bought mine for the twins.  It is a PB cover but they use their own brand insert.  Can't tell the difference and WAY cheaper.  The only thing is that I still need to take the covers off and take them to

  • I was wrong - they do offer monogramming now, when I bought mine back about a year ago, they didn't...even better!  The regular size is $69.99 on Ugly Sofa . com
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