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Dropping 2 am feed

For all of those who's babies STTN, how did you drop the middle of the night feed?  Or did your babies don't themselves??

Re: Dropping 2 am feed

  • My LO dropped those middle of the night feedings himself. Instead of waking up hungry, he just slept. Depends on the age too. If the baby is a newborn, he/she has to eat every few hours or so. 
  • Mine dropped it herself as well. Do you let LO drink as much as they want right before bed? Found that is what did it for DD
  • LO still wakes up some nights between 2-3 in the morning. i go in and put a pacifier in his mouth. Generally that is enough to convince him to go back to sleep. If he is hungry he'll continue to fuss instead of taking the pacifier. Then I'll go in and nur
  • If when you go in at 2am LO will sometimes be soothed back to sleep, instead of needing to eat, then you know they don't physically need that feeding anymore. Sometimes they may want the bootle or boob out of habit, but they don't necessarily need it.

  • Babies drop night feedings themselves. If your LO doesn't wake in the middle of the night let them sleep.

  • DS dropped that nursing right before he turned 4 months.  DD did it probably closer to 5 months (maybe even 6?).  I remember going in and changing her diaper and putting her back down a few times to see if she was just fussy, not really hungry.

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  • My little one started sleeping through the night at 1 month. I figured out that she would sleep from 9pm3am, so I tried waking her up at 12:00am to basically force feed her a bottle sometimes she drinks 2oz, sometimes 6oz, whatever she wants is fine, just
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