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High Risk, 5 weeks along, due to PCS at 14 weeks. help!

has anyone had to move during their pregnancy? we are going from norfolk, va to charleston, sc. i am terrified!! i'm high risk (type 1 diabetic) and am about to start my care here in norfolk and i have to be followed carefully throughout my pregnancy. will they automatically set me up with a high risk specialist at the military facilities in charleston or do i need to switch everything around myself?? any advice/knowledge would be greatly appreciated! thank you!!!

Re: High Risk, 5 weeks along, due to PCS at 14 weeks. help!

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    I wouldn't really worry too much about moving early in the second trimester, and that small of a distance, even high risk.nbsp; Talk to your doctor about staying stable during the move, and your referral should transfer to a new doctor call up Tricare and ask them to find a doctor in the area ahead of time so that you can set an appointment for a few days after you arrive to meet the new doctor and go over a care plan.nbsp;nbsp; Be your own advocate to make sure you get the care you need!I would get a copy of your medical records and carry them with you during the drive.nbsp; And since you're high risk, definitely let movers handle the lifting/carrying, and ask family for helping settling into the new place.I love Charlestown, so I'm envious. Hope you love it, too!

    All of this. We were two weeks from our PCS across the country when I found out I was pregnant with high risk twins. I was able to set up an appointment with an MFM before we arrived, and I carried my records with me.

    Are you Standard or Prime? I was Standard and didn't have to call TriCare, other than getting enrolled in the new region.

    Good luck!
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  • I'm a Type 1, and I had a nasty subchorionic hematoma, and we PCS'd when I was 19 weeks from Hawaii to California. I was nervous about being on a plane over the Pacific, but it was fine. 

    I triple checked with my docs to make sure they were ok with it, and they weren't concerned at all.

    The only issue I had was with getting my care started up in timely fashion when we got to California. My Hawaii docs said they would get me right in because I was high risk, and needed my anatomy scan, fetal echo, etc., but it took getting a patient advocate involved after I got here to get an appointment within a month from my arrival.

    Good luck, and try not to stress! :) 


    ETA - They wouldn't help me or let me set up my care in advance, but that was because I was switching from an Army hospital to a Navy hospital. Once I got here, the Nurse for High Risk said they definitely could have called and gotten me set up before I left, and that it's not unusual, so definitely try! :) 

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  • I wouldn't worry.  Moving at 14 weeks is honestly ideal.  Out of the first tri sicky and tired phase but before you are big and uncomfortable. 

    Just chat with your doctors about making sure you have care set up before you leave Norfolk.  If you are standard and have civi doctors then make sure you set it up yourself. 

    FWIW, I will be TTC #3 this summer and if things happen the way we hope I will be 20-25 weeks along when we PCS.  I am high risk (DD was a preemie, my cervix likes to shorten/funnel, I am on 17-OHP shots, etc) and I'm honestly not worried at all about moving in the 2nd trimester.  3rd trimester would give me pause (which is why we aren't TTC right now), but 2nd or 1st is a piece of cake. 


    Either way, I wouldn't stress.  You will be in Charleston for the majority of your pregnancy.

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  • For high risk care you need to go to MUSC. I went there for my very risk triplet pregnancy they were wonderful there also a great hospital to deliver it. 
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  • I'm in Charleston, SC right now. If you are Tricare Prime all OB care is referred out. The discontinued their OB clinic on the base. Most likely they will refer you to Seasons OB, change the referral to a MUSC provider.  
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