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New here. Newly married and newly pregnant. Starting to realize I need to make some friends :) anyone else in the Travis area? 
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Re: Travis afb

  • I'm from that areas! I grew up in Napa : I'm not there now though haha I'm stuck at MCAS Yuma
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  • Hey I went to college in Yuma! I nanny'd on base. I don't have any milsofriends there anymore unfortunately ! Yuma isn't that bad :P enjoy the warmth! 
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  • We are stationed here just got here last week. We are from the area also. 

    <BR>PCOS DX 2003<BR>
    N Born 12/13/08 34weeks 5days due to Pprom with SPD and several delays. Conceived on 100mg of Clomid after 9 cycles
    <BR>BFP 8/7/10 150mg of Clomid 8/24/10 found no heartbeat & empty sac after subcronic hemotoma, Misoprostol induced MC 8/31/10 7w5d
    <BR>BFP April 20, 2011 Menpuir with trigger and TI. EDD December 31, 2011.<BR>Beta 1 13dpo 238, Beta 2. 16dpo 1091
    <BR> May 12 2011 first u/s HOLY CRAP 4 sacs 3 Heartbeats have to see if Quads or Triplets. May 26 2011 Triplets confirmed ready or not.
    <BR> Born 11/29/11 35 weeks 3days C-Section E 4lbs 5oz, A 5lbs 2.5oz, M 4lbs 11oz
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