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Pediatrician Recs?

I'm so behind on finding a Ped for Lucy...and she'll be here in no time!! Anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you!

Re: Pediatrician Recs?

  • I have an amazing ped, but she'd be a drive for you (maybe someone else will find the info useful though).  Her name is Monique Pritchard, and she's in Sellwood.  She's great at communicating with both parents and kids.  She also respects parents' choices for their children.  I have a few friends who also take their kids to her, and she changes her care to fit each family's wishes - delayed vaccinations or not, breast feeding or not, co-sleeping or not.  Her staff is also wonderful, and we rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes before seeing her. 

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  • We have an absolutely fabulous pediatrician. She is from East Portland Pediatrics over at Portland Adventist. Her name is Sharlene Matthieu and she is wonderful! She takes all the time we need, does not rush us at all, very thorough in her check-ups with Brayden. There have been times when I have called and wanted to talk with her and she is very prompt in returning my calls when I have questions. There are also other great pediatricians in this same office, but we went with Sharlene because we had many other high recommendations from others about her and we couldn't be happier. She is on maternity leave until January 1st, but even the other pediatricians are great to work with.
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  • Bunnies, wow only 22 days to go! How exciting!

     We are all with Dr. Meg Hayes at OHSU's Family Medicine. They are pretty busy but other than that we really love her.

     Liane~ Love those pics of the girls! So cute!

    Starlight (sorry don't know your name) ~ Your Brady is so cute too. Love the Superman outfit. 

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