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Pediatrician Tricare Prime

I saw a post similar to this but I just wanted a little more clarification...  Do I need to do anything prior to my son being born for a pediatrician?  I will be delivering at Fort Belvoir Hospital and we will be stationed at Quantico when he is born.  It seems as though they assign you a pediatrician with Prime but I just wasn't completely sure and didn't know if I needed to find him one prior to him being born.  Any information would be great! Thank you :) 

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  • Usually with Prime you get to choose your Primary Care Doc (PCM). So once the child is born, they are automatically on prime (as long as one of the parents is). You have 60 days to enroll your child into prime once they are born. If you do not, then af

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    I would ask at your next appt or call the hospital's peds clinic. My experience was not at all what the PP described

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  • I have no idea because I'm still first tri with my first baby, but I wanted to say hello because I too am on Fort Belvoir.

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  • When I had my DS, I was Prime. He was assigned a PCM at the MTF prior to my discharge. They set up his initial appointment before I left the hospital. 
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  • MiahTMiahT member
    In my case, the hospital I delivered at had its own pediatricians who examined and checked in on DS while we were still in the hospital, and one of them preformed his circumcision.   Then I had to set up an appointment with whomever was available in
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