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Birth certificate question

So we moved to GA about 2 years ago. And we are still learning things about here. But I had a weird visit at the sonogram place. The dr there question if I was married. I sai ld no my bf and I plan on getting married but with this surprise we will wait til after. He continued to say 'well here in georgia we believe in marriage first then the baby' 'and if u are not married when u have the baby the only way he can legally be his father is through adoption?' ..... Now I didn't know if this dr was messing aroun or serious. He was older and seemed serious. But I was like this can't be real? Anyone have any insight on this for me?? Thanks.

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  • Huh??? It's not the law in Georgia that you have to be married before having a baby. He sounds like a loony tune. I'm pretty sure that as long as the dads name is on the birth certificate, it's legal. But maybe I'm wrong. Ether way, I think you need to fi
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  • I had a friend whose husband wasn't in the country when she had her first and when she got to the hospital they asked her if she was legally married. She said yes but asked why. The nurse told her if she wasn't legally married she and the father had to

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    If this is for real, dump that doctor and report him to the state licensing board.

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  • I'm not sure what the laws are currently, but I know that at one time, the father has to sign for his name to be on the birth certificate in person.  i.e. you can't fill it in for him if you aren't married.  

    And you're OB is an a$$hole

  • Thanks everyone! My bf will def be there. We plan on getting married but not gonna rush into a quick courthouse just cause of the baby. It's 2013. :. Thanks for all the input. I was taken back when the dr said that. I had never even heard of that being
  • My husband and I weren't married when DS was born, but we had been together almost 4 years and engaged for 3 of those years. We didn't feel the need to rush out and get married just because I got pregnant. He signed the same form I did in the hospital sta
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  • Your doctor does sounds like a jerk...but the laws in GeorgIa are kind of backwards like that.  The doctor didn't explain it correctly or you may have misunderstood.  If parents aren't married when the baby is born, the father is not technica

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    Thanks everyone! My bf will def be there. We plan on getting married but not gonna rush into a quick courthouse jus

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