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How to stop bathtub pooping?

For 3 out of the last 4 baths Gavin has decided to take a major dump. He never used to do this. I obviously realize he's not potty trained and can't control it. But is there anything we can do to help it stop? It's getting really really old having to fish out the poop, scrub the tub, and disinfect the toys every. single. time.


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Re: How to stop bathtub pooping?

  • Does he eat dinner and get in the tub at the same time? If he's pooping at the same time every night it's actually a great time to introduce the potty. If you can get him to sit he may start going on the potty or when you see him gearing up to go try to p

  • Does he have any tell signs before he decides to drop the kids off in the pool? N doesn't do it often, but she likes to pinch one off on occasion.  Do you have a potty chair?  I keep one right by the tub, so if I do see her start to push, I plac

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  • Yuck, definitely not fun.  We've never had this happen, fingers crossed, but we kind of expect DD to drop a big load after dinner and we usually let her run around until she does.  Also, can you watch him for straining or squatting and yank h

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  • imagemissyishere:
    Does he have any tell signs before he decides to drop the kids off in the pool? N doesn't do it often, but she li
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  • I've started inserting a longer playtime between dinner and bath to avoid this. 
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  • Gator was the queen of shiiting in the tub. She did it like 6 times in a row. I just chalked it up to her being relaxed. Then one day she just stopped and hasn't done it since.
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  • So far, three kids into this parenting adventure, I haven't had someone poop in the tub. I've had my Owen on the potty a couple times when he started straining before or during his bath, but that was just good timing.  My advice - either keep a po

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