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Desperate need of help.....any suggestions welcome

To sum up a long story, our son has febrile seizures (seizures caused by fevers, usually from typical childhood viruses, ear infections, etc). He had another one this Friday which progressed into a more serious seizure, resulting in an ICU stay.  When we spoke to the neurologist he suggested pulling him out of the daycare center he is currently in, and finding him a part time nanny, nanny share, or small in home daycare with older kids  that arent sick as often! So we are now scrambling trying to think of a solution, we are open to any suggestions and only need care two days a week. He will be two in may, and I am due in June. So really we are just looking for something temporary for now but if it works out the option of permanent and for two kiddos.  

We live in bowleys quarters but would be open to anything in white marsh, perry hall and the area surrounding Franklin square (where I work).  Thanks in advance for any leads, suggestions, etc.  we have tried in the past with mixed results and will surely try again, really just looking for more personal references.


  A stressed momma and daddy in need of a break 

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Re: Desperate need of help.....any suggestions welcome

  • Have you tried talking to the center where you are?  Maybe they have some people that are subs/floaters or some "retired" teachers that would be willing to nanny 2 x a week.  Recently several of the ladies from our daycare had babies of their own and became stay-at-home-moms. 

    I am so sorry that your son is having issues.  I hope that you find something soon.

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  • Great idea! Will ask this tomorrow. We just need suggestions and we feel so stresses and overwhelmed our minds are blank. Thanks for idea.
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  • We used and I absolutely adore our parttime nanny. There are lots of options so it makes it easy to find someone to work with you. You can definitely weed out the duds pretty easily.
  • TNB82TNB82

    This may be weird, but if you haven't found anyone I would gladly do it : )

    I am certified in advanced pediatric life support (I'm a doctor, I've recently chosen to stay home for the remainder of my pregnancy and the next couple of years).  I'm bored out of my mind, waiting for this baby to come!

    If you wanted to snoop on my facebook before contacting me you are welcome to.  search: Tania Burinskas Lewis, and I will add you. 



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