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Flying with a 6 month old

We are pcsing to Guam on April 1st, do u know if the baby would have to be in a carseat on the flight there??
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Re: Flying with a 6 month old

  • Most airlines let you carry a child under 2 on your lap. I would check with the airline you are flying.
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  • Thank u!
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  • If you are PCS-ing, the military will pay for your child to have a seat. We PCS-ed from Korea back to the States when our DD was 6 mo. We originally brought the seat on the plane, but ended up gate checking it and just laid her in the empty seat when we needed to. I'd bring the seat with you on the plane.
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  • Check With your airline because, paid seat or not, some won't let the caraway on the plane.

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  • 1) TMO will provide the baby with its own seat. 

    2) No airline can deny your carseat as long as it has been FAA approved and will fit the airplane seat (16in)

    All you need to do is look on the carseat for the sticker that has the approval. 

    The ONLY issue is if your carseat requires the base to be FAA approved.  I went round and round with the Flight Attendant on the Rotator regarding my carseat for DD when she was 1 year.  My carseat was FAA approved without the base, but the FA was just as admanent that it wasnt. 

    It took me looking up the carseat online to prove to her SHE was wrong.

    3) Your baby is too young now, but when he gets to 22lbs look into the CARES system.  It was a lifesaver.  I could check the carseat, strap her in the CARES and be done with it. 

    Hell, in Germany (Space A was so easy in and out of Ramstein), I rented my CARES harness out and paid for it within 2 years.

  • I would definitely take the carseat on the plane - we only took it on for one of our three flights back from Hawaii, and the only time I got any rest was on the flight when he was strapped into his seat.

    Even if you hold LO for most of the flight, it's really nice to have a place to put them down.

    If you have a car seat stroller (snap n go or whatever), that makes navigating the airport pretty easy with the car seat.

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