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Exeter Hospital?/VBAC?

I'm about 14 weeks and need to find a new doctor.  I am hoping for a vbac (but am trying to stay flexible).   I live about 45 min from Exeter Hospital but have heard good things about labor and delivery there.  Has anyone had any experience there? Any personal experience with vbacs is welcomed too!  Thanks!

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  • I ended up delivering at catholic medical center but used to use the partners for women's health... it's located in the hospital. They deliver at both Exeter n Portsmouth. I don't know how their ld is because my dh wanted cmc but when I used them as my gyno they were great. GL!
  • Exeter just redid their L&D unit a couple of years ago.  Every once in a while they do an open house so you can tour the floor and meet the staff.  I am biased as I was born at EH and work for a subsidary of the hospital....but I have asked patients how their expeience was and I have never heard a complaint.  I have heard great things about CMC as well and Elliot.
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  • I know this is an old post but I'm hoping you still check in on it from time to time. I delivered at Exeter in April 2012 and I absolutely loved it.  I had a long horrible labor but the OB on call who delivered my DD was amazing. She was not going to let me give up and I was able to have my baby naturally.  The nurses were amazing and I never felt pressured one way or the other. They were very encouraging.  My second one is on the way and I will definitely be going back.  The OB/GYN office affiliated with Exeter is Partners for Women's Health. Their offices are right at the hospital. It is very convenient.  The practice is all women OB/GYNs and midwives. They are amazing.  I'm sure you can get your VBAC no problem.  Hope this helps. 


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