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I guess it's time to find a OB/GYN. I've saved a few posts here for OB recommendations and delivering at different hospitals that I need to look into but wanted to see what kind of feedback you girls might have on some specific concerns I have.

Can anyone recommend a small practice or an actual doctor that pretty much guarantees that he/she will deliver your baby. (does that exist??)  At my last practice there were twelve doctors and even though it all turned out ok-it sucked not knowing who would be my doc for my delivery and it really concerned me that my labor doc could potentially be someone I had just met for 10 minutes.

I'm hoping to find someone whose philosophy is open to going as natural as possible as long as there are no medical complications. Things like not being hooked up to an IV and the monitor...that kind of stuff. That might be more of a hospital thing..not sure.

 Thanks ladies.

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Re: OB recs

  • I see Dr. Sorra at Village OB/GYN in Pikesville and love her. The practice has three doctors (2 female, 1 male) and they're all great. They deliver mostly at Sinai but 2 have rights at GBMC. I don't know much about the natural birth options but I know that Sinai has midwives on staff and I would imagine they'd cater to your birth plan as much as possible.
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  • I go to Charles Street OB/GYN at GBMC. There are 3 doctors on staff (2 male, 1 female) and all are great. The female OB is rated one of Baltimore's "Top Docs" and was wonderful when I saw her during my pregnancy. I don't know about natural birth options as DS was a preemie and I need several interventions to stop then start labor after my water broke. A friend of mine wanted to go the more natural route and had baby #2 at Mercy and had a wonderful experience there. She recently had baby #3 at St. Joe's and still went the natural route. I am not sure who her OB/midwife was but if you are interested I can find out for you!
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  • I know at GBMC they have to get you set up to recieve an IV in case there is an emergency.  (IE put the needle  in your hand.) But they can cap it off and you don't have to get anything through your IV if you don't want too.  I imagine most hospitals will have similar policies.

    Dr. Lin at GBMC delivered my son and I really liked her.  She is a solo practioner, so she delivers almost all of her own babies.  She was actually the back up for my OB (a different solo practioner) who had a medical emergency himself and couldn't be there to deliver me.


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  • I use Sinai OB/GYN's midives, they guarantee that either Hilles or Sandy will deliver you.  This was a determining factor for me leaving Perinatal at GBMC.
  • I see Dr. Collerius.  She delivers at St. Joes.  She's a one doc shop - well there is another doc there but he doesn't do OB.  She does trade weekends with another ob, so the possibility is there that she wouldn't deliver you on certain weekends.  I didn't meet the other ob but did talk to her on the phone after I had a missed m/c, since she was on call that weekend (I had a u/s on a friday afternoon).  BUT Dr. Collerius called me within minutes of me getting off the phone with the oncall doc also.

    I don't know about natural births but the practice was very supportive of me trying for a VBAC.


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  • Kathleen Slone and Associates are nurse midwives who deliver at Mercy and are very pro-natural delivery.  If you don't have any complications, you can opt not to have IV fluids, only intermittent fetal monitoring, and they have birthing tubs.  There are 4 midwives in the practice, and you get whichever of them is on call.
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  • Thanks everyone. I'm relieved to see there are a few solo practictioners out there and have thought about going midwife route....
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  • I see dr Collerius too. She didn't pressure me into anything and was always helpful when I had questions. My water broke but I did not go into active labor and was induced with my first. My labor was long but the talk of a cesarean never arose until I got close to being ruptured for 24 hrs. I delivered vaginally and both I and DS were fine. With my 2nd she broke my water but told me that she wanted me to get my epidural and get comfy before she checked me and broke my water. I wanted and epidural but she is supportive of mothers who want to go natural.


  • Dr. Scott Supplee at GBMC.   He owns his practice and has delivered all of

    my friend's children.  He is the only one in the practice. 

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