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Duke University Medical Center?

Anyone delivering (or already delivered) at Duke University Medical Center?  They haven't had tours of their delivery ward since I've been pregnant (nearly 30 weeks now). 

Do you know anything about when they'll be doing tours?  If you've already had your baby - what was your experience like there?  I was hoping to get a lot of my unanswered questions handled during the tour.

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Re: Duke University Medical Center?

  • We delivered there. Overall it was a good experience. I thought the nurses were AWESOME. The birthing suite was great but the postpartum rooms left little to be desired. Food was decent, typical hospital food. One of the reasons why we chose Duke was because if god forbid anything terrible happened they were well equipped to handle everything. It's a great hospital.

    That being said, we are delivering at a different hospital with our second LO. We switched to a new OB and I wanted better PP rooms lol. 

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