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Choosing an OB and hospital

I am TTC and thinking ahead about hospitals (early, I know!). My old OB/GYN left and I saw a new nurse practitioner for my last annual and wasn't super happy with her, so I am looking at a new doc. I currently go to Celebration OB/GYN and like the office and the smaller hospital, although I haven't toured it. I found out that the doctor who delivered me (Arnold Lazar) is still in practice and everyone (including my mom) has nothing but good things to say. He is affiliated with Winnie Palmer, which seems to have great reviews as well. Any thoughts on this? I generally prefer a woman OB/GYN, but for the right person I'd switch. I also don't really know if I like someone with a large practice and it being a roulette wheel of who you get depending on the day. Help?

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  • I'm on the opposite side of town near Altamonte Springs but I just recently switched doctors. I absolutely adored my first doctor, Dr. Bishop in Lake Mary, but she has been out for quite some time now on medical leave and I, as well as my family, was not very excited when we found out I would be delivering at Central Florida Regional in Sanford. I spoke to my older sister and her MIL who are both RN's at Florida Hospital Rollins and they, and their friends, referred me to my current doctor. My older sister is the Safety Officer in Pediatrics and her MIL is one of the head training nurses in the ER. I've been seeing my new doctor, my first male one too, for almost 2 months and so far so good. I'm going to Premiere OB/Gyn in Winter Park and they have 2 male doctors but they also have 2 female midwives and a female ARNP, all of whom have at least 15-25 years of experience. I also prefer smaller practices too. So far I've had 2 doctors appointments and each time I saw the same doctor (Dr. Krishinger). I'm also very pleased that I have the choice between Florida Hospital Rollins and Winter Park Memorial.

    I'm actually choosing Winter Park because it is a much smaller "boutique" hospital and IMO a little more personal than a HUGE hospital like Winnie Palmer.

    With that being said, I would NEVER go to nor would I deliver at Winnie Palmer! I know this sounds weird but, because of my job I'm always at the different hospitals around Central Florida with "patients" and I could never imagine giving birth there and then going back to work and seeing the same nurses. It could be way TMI! Another thing that has always bothered me about Winnie Palmer, now this is not the hospitals fault, is the fact that every time I am on my way to work it never fails that I see some woman practically about to give birth any day now outside hooked up to an IV pole and smoking right in front of the entrance! To each there own, but I know I would never do anything like that. Also, on a side note the crime is horrible over there (trying to get better though), lighting at night is horrible, parking can be ridiculous and there is a ton of construction going on with no end in sight!!! Some pros are the cafeteria is open 24 hours and I do like the fact that when you get off the elevator a nurse must buzz you in.

    IMO, I feel as though at Winnie Palmer you can get the feeling that you are just another number. I know some friends that have delievered there and some liked it some hated it, but I think overall it really depends on your nurses!



  • I delivered at Winnie Palmer August2012. Overall, I'm glad I delivered there. It being my first baby, I did feel like they didn't give me a lot of information. I was kind of shell shocked by everything going on, and didn't think to ask some things. Also, when I'd call for a nurse to come help me with something, it'd sometimes take over an hour for them to show up in my room.

    The biggest negative thing I can think of is my BFing experience. When I was having problems trying to nurse my baby, they tried to offer a lot of advice to help my LOs latch. It wasn't helping. My LO was also in the nursery for hours at a time for antibiotics. Not one person, even a lactation consultant, recommended for me to pump to make sure that I was going to make the right amount of colostrum/milk for my LO. Not until my last day in the hospital. I feel as if, had they recommended it, it would have saved me a lot of emotional distress.

    The food was great, I loved having a big spacious room, the nurses made sure my SO knew how to change diapers/dress the baby, and they helped me to feel as comfortable as possible post-birth.


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  • Ohhh... Hello! I remember you from the Knot. Sorry, I can't be of help on this one, I need to find a new OB here too- we moved out of the area just long enough for me to have a baby and now we are back. I will say, where we moved I was in a larger practice, all of my appointments except 1 were with my OB, but then a different doctor broke my water, then another doctor delivered. I loved both of the people and my OB kept coming in to check on me before and after, so I did not mind the large practice at all.

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  • I just had a baby a month ago. I went though the Women's Center in Hunters Creek with Dr FordeKelly. I delivered at Winnie Palmer and had the best experience. The hospital was wonderful and the nurses were very helpful. The only negative I experienced was trying to meet with the lactation consultant. Due to budget cuts they were off the 3 days I was there.
  • I delivered at Winnie Palmer in January and I loved it! We had wonderful nurses and an overall great experience.
  • Thank you all so much for your input! And hi Britt!! If I do end up going with the OB that delivered me, he's affiliated with several hospitals so I'll have a choice. I don't need one yet, but when the time comes, I guess we'll take a few hospital tours to decide. Thanks again!
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