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Guys: What do we want this board to be?

Hi fellow XY Chromosome havers:

We've built a great little community up here in the past few months. We've been getting a steady stream of new faces and some nice discussions going.

We also clearly attract a lot of ladies looking to "Ask Men" questions. They range from the lighthearted (What should I get my DH for a present) to the serious, to the downright depressing.

I'm curious how everyone feels about the steady stream of ladies and their questions. On the one hand I don't really personally think this board should be "NO GIRLS ALOUD!" (picture the S written backwards in an adorable way). But, I also don't necessarily want it to be "Dear Dads" either. And we've had a few threads where we've gotten a lot of women talking to other women, which is fine, but not sure why it should be on this board.

We tried the sticky thread hoping it might be a magnet, but it didn't really work.  We tend to snark the lighthearted questions and often tell the ladies with detached fathers that most of the men around here can't really relate as anyone who posts on a dad message board is usually pretty excited to be a father. I also would not want to see genuine cries for help removed.

What say ye, fellow men? Is everything fine as is? Should there be some level of moderation regarding lady-questions? If so, do we need a new moderator, since TheLastStraw is long gone? Am I over thinking this?
-My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.

Re: Guys: What do we want this board to be?

  • I lurk and don't post that often, but the Ask Dads element has been getting a bit silly.  If anything, maybe "Ask Dads" could be a separate community so this one can be reserved to just dads.
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  • I am a mom and I have posted here on this forum asking male advice. I also like to read things from men's POV, as it gives me insight to things my own SO does/thinks/feels. While the other forums are female dominated, there are none that exclude men and men post on them all the time. No one sits around asking if we should exclude the men or Moderate their posts more strictly... I don't think that this forum is being inundated by women or that men/dads are being pushed out or made to feel irrelevant here. I make this assertion based on the posts and responses that I have read.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • For the most part, I don't mind the "Dear Dad" section, though some of the questions do get repetitive, namely the "What do I get my BF/FI/DH for being great during pregnancy".  It is almost like we need a spinoff board, called Ask a Dad, or Male Point of View for those, so those dads who feel like tackling questions can, but those who don't have a space where we can talk dad.  However, I think that would potentially cut the post count down on both boards perhaps to the point of eliminating one, or both due to lack of traffic.

    For the most part, I'd say things are OK as is, but a new moderator wouldn't be bad for the occasional spam "I tried X product and you should too" ones.

  • Another woman sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong. I don't post here looking for advice because my husband is generally awesome in every way, however.....

    Every board gets posts/questions etc.. that are annoying and off topic. This is a public forum and there is no way to keep girls with cooties from entering at their own risk. The only thing you can really do is choose which threads you reply to and which ones you ignore. Wink

    /unsolicited advice

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Ok, cool. It's all good.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • I think things are generally ok - but we should consider a new moderator for some of the posts that just don't belong here. Better to have them and not need them, then need them and not have them.
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  • The "why does my man do this?" posts are always if we know the man. I don't know how you eliminate that.  The sticky obviously did not work, but with the view I have, I never see the sticky on top of the page, so.....

    Other than that, I have seen a bunch of new dudes around here the last couple weeks, so maybe we will see more activity here as a result.  I think for a bunch of guys who are really busy every day, the level of posts here is as good as it could be.

    I don't mind the ladies poking around, until they start in with the generalizations on us...then I mind!


  • imageDarthCuticle:
    I lurk and don't post that often, but the Ask Dads element has been getting a bit silly.  If anything, maybe "Ask Dads" could be a separate community so this one can be reserved to just dads.

    I like the Ask Dad board suggestion....if we want to click on it and toss our some answers great, if not...don't. And women can still come to this board and share their thoughts....but for specific questions about gifts etc., a new board would keep things organized. 

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  • I lurk allot and posted once but it was more of a vent so I removed it.

    I think the board is decent; the posts about men that don't treat their women well honestly depress me a bit. But I can understand someone coming here and posting them. Of course most of the men here are involved etc so it?s hard for us to relate.

    I have posted once on the Mom's July 2013 board so would be backwards for me to vote for "no girls".


  • I lurk because my home board is rather slow. Just a thought, maybe a new board could be requested where the ladies can go to post the questions that normally end up on your boards. Something like "Ask a Dad", and the flip side for you guys too "Ask a Mom". I can understand how you don't want your boards clogged up with things you don't want to read.

    Ok, returning to my lurkdom.

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  • Woman hear seeing what wonderful snark has come from posts like mine...

    I wouldn't mind an Ask a Man and Ask a Woman forum... I'd never lurk here if there was a separate forum for that stuff :)

    And, you guys are all awesome btw. Even if your answer to "what to get my awesome man" is always a blow job :) 

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