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Hospital and ob gyn near windham?

Could anyone recommend a hospital and ob gyn near the windham area?   I'm looking into Parkland medical center in Derry and Southern NH Birth place in nashua. Anyone delivery at either of those?  Thanks!

Re: Hospital and ob gyn near windham?

  • I delivered at Southern NH this past July. They are FANTASTIC there! The nurses and doctors are all great 

  • Women's Care of Nashua has some great OB's and NP's, I may be biased because my aunt is an NP over there, but I'm seeing Melissa Martinez-Adorno through their office and I love her. They use SNH (their office is literally RIGHT next door to the hospital).

    I have friend's that have delivered at Parkland and really liked them, but I personally had a very bad experience with Parkland years ago (not pregnancy related, health related) and I've never trusted going there for anything since. I know they've changed a lot in the past 5 or so years, though, so don't take my biased opinion for it, lol.


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  • I delivered my son at Parkland, I use Woman's progressive Health in Derry for my OB care.

    I have had no issues with Parkland, and found them wonderful. My first pregnancy I delivered at Elliott and had a horrible experience with the Doctors ( not the nurses)



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  • Hi Tara!

    I'm in the same boat as you! 

    I'm looking at 3 hospitals currently, and looking to get a tour of each; St Joseph, SNHMC, and Elliott.

    My friend went to Parkland a lot; she had 3 kids there. She said lot of people do not like that place, but she had nothing but good experiences. 

     Maybe we will cross paths! :)

    I live in Windham; there is one in Windham, and I think affiliated with St, Joseph

    Dr Kelly MacMillan , MD, FACOG image 

    Maybe we will cross paths! :)

  • image MrsDonati:
    I delivered at Southern NH this past July. They are FANTASTIC there! The nurses and doctors are all great 


    Does Southern NH have laboring tubs? 

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  • I am in the same area as you.  We picked Elliott.  St Joe's was my original choice but my OB changed to Sourthern NH Hospital.  Then they moved offices which was very inconvenient for me.  I switched to Bedford Commons and have been very happy since.
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  • I live in Windham and we used Manchester OBGYN and did a water birth at the Elliot.  

    I highly recommend it, labor was a breeze, minimal tearing or anything and I literally walked out of the delivery room :-)

    The nurses were very supportive as well and the nursery care and breast feeding advice we got were top notch! we put common CD myths to the test! Waterbirth-ing, bw-ing, ebf-ing, cd-ing mother to: Jaylee - 11.12.12
  • My SIL has used the Birthing Center in Nashua and always raves about how awesome it is.
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