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Postpartum Depression

FTM wondering if I have PPD or anxiety?

I have an apt w mental health on Monday but I'm wondering if anyone has any insight. Im 8 days out and I can't sleep at all my mind races and I feel like its making my stomach upset constantly? I just can't relax is this normal or is something wrong?

Re: FTM wondering if I have PPD or anxiety?

  • Normal anxiety issues won't create sleeplessness and upset stomachs. Good on you for checking it out. Hey maybe it will just be a couple conversations and you'll be better. You just never know
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  • Sounds like anxiety to me. I have GAD and panic disorder (started when my daughter was born) and that's how I feel when I'm having severe anxiety.

    I would say something to your doctor about it.

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  • Sounds like anxiety to me.  Try relaxation techniques and deep breathing to help you out for now.  It always helps me to focus on one spot on a wall and control my breathing.  It will hopeful help you out until you can get some medicine to help you out.  Zoloft is for anxiety and depression and it is also perfectly safe to take while breastfeeding, so that's a plus.
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