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Low Progesterone... freaking out

I received a call from my doctor that my hormone blood levels are normal but progesterone kind of low. Anyone had this? Anything I can do to naturally increase progesterone? I am going to retest in couple of days. thank you!

Re: Low Progesterone... freaking out

  • Naturally? Not sure.

    BUT my progesterone was low and I was prescribed supplements. Twice a day. Not at all uncommon. Did your doc mention that? If not, I'd call and ask. 



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  • thank you. yes they mentioned they will put me on that if i get tested and its low again.
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  • Mine is low so I started supplements. Don't think there is anything naturally you can do. Good luck.

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  • I called today for my results and she said I had really low progesterone and that it was my decision to take supplements as research has said nothing conclusive as of yet if it really helps. She then said she made a mistake and was reading my lab from my chemical pregnancy last month!  But I found it weird that if I did have it, I would have to make the decision on my own.... I would call and talk to your doctor about what you should do to be sure.

    Good luck! 

  • Oh wow thanks good to know.
  • I had the same results. My doc put me on progesterone suppositories every night until my 11th week. My progesterone levels immediately increased and stayed at great levels. I'm at my 12th week now!
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