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beta rising slowly but not doubling

Hi ladies, 

 I did my 14dpo beta and it was 42.5, I did a repeat today and it is 16dpo- 58. They said it's good its still going up, but that's only a 38% increase and it should be doubling. Has anyone had low betas that aren't doubling and still had a successful pregnancy?  

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Re: beta rising slowly but not doubling

  • Thank you. I have no cramping/pain/discomfort and no spotting and I did not get a + hcg with my son until 5 weeks, and he was born perfect, so I am hoping this is the same thing and its just my body. Thank you for giving me some hope. I still have my symptoms and some are getting stronger i.e. sense of smell.
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  • I remember reading that betas should double every 48-72 hrs. I would listen to your doc and try not to stress about it too much.
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  • Hi there. I am currently going through the same thing. My numbers and percentage of increase are not far from yours. How is your pregnancy doing?
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