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Lafayette area?

Hi everyone! I'm not familiar w the OBs in Lafsyette. Could anyone tell me if they have had good experiences with any? I'm looking at Dr. Schafer or Dr. Ramirez

Re: Lafayette area?

  • I dont know them but I had Dr. Wickert and loved him.
  • I'm planning on sticking with the OBGYN I had before I got pregnant. I have Dr. Haab. She is really great. I have yet to have my first pregnancy apt with her, but with my past experiences with her I think everything will be good. Hope this helps!

  • I used Premier Healthcare for women, Dr. Sinnott, dr Knutson and dr penman, all of which were amazing! I work for all of the OBs at St E and they are all truly wonderful!!!
  • Thanks ladies!
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