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Postpartum Depression

Preparing for potential PPA

Hi ladies!

This is actually the first time I've ever visited this board and the reason I am is because I've had anxiety issues related to hormone changes in the past. I was on the birth control pill for 11 years and experienced some pretty severe anxiety the entire time. I kept asking my Dr's if it was related to the pill and they kept saying no. When I got off the pill I was fine - 2 years, no pill, no attacks. So I know when my hormones change I have a tendency to become anxious. I've had a few very minor attacks since becoming pregnant - I'm only a little over 9 weeks now so still VERY early. I AM much better at dealing with the attacks than I ever used to be. My attacks have only lasted between 5-8 minutes so far. I've been able to breath, sit with it, let it happen, and then I'm fine. Whereas before it would be an all day event. Just awful! I don't feel anxiety is effecting my everyday life so far and it's certainly not bad enough to warrant medication.
My question is, knowing that I am more likely to suffer from PPA, what are your suggestions for preparation? I was thinking of finding a counselor to talk with during pregnancy. Maybe a once a month thing up until the birth. That way I would be comfortable with them when I really needed their help. What other kinds of things would you recommend?
My hope is that I don't have to deal with this at all but knowing that this is quite unlikely I just want to be smart and be prepared.
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Re: Preparing for potential PPA

  • I think finding a counselor or therapist would be an excellent idea! I would start now, if I were you. It takes time to uncover issues and learn good coping techniques for panic/anxiety attacks. It sounds like you have things under control now, but the postpartum period is really touchy, so it never hurts to be extra prepared. Sometimes just knowing that you have somewhere to go and someone to talk to can be enough to keep the anxiety at bay.

    I'd also consider having a psychiatrist lined up, just in case you decide it's bad enough that you'd consider medication after the baby is born. But that's just me.

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