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Trying to Get Pregnant

Stumbled across this article

I was bored and poking around the internet thinking about my upcoming 1 year appointment and all those depressing stats. Then I found this

I thought some others on the board might be interested in reading as well.

It's a positive study from Australia on the chances of conceiving naturally past a year. Enjoy.

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Re: Stumbled across this article

  • Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I thought this was a good take away:

    'Women should still be hopeful that they're going to get pregnant, even if they've been trying for an entire year,' she said.

    However, Kreid agged, 'I wouldn't want this to (dissuade) women from seeing a fertility specialist and being evaluated.'

  • It is a good article and something that is important to remember. I have several friends who took more than 1 year to get pregnant. Though many of them found out they weren't ovulating on their own or had a thyroid condition that needed treated. I do think the stakes get much higher in the waiting game when women hit their 30s and are just beginning to start families.

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