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Preschooler and preg w/ #2

Hi there, It's my first time posting here and thought you mamas might have some good advice...

I'm pregnant (due in Aug) and I have a toddler that will be a little over 2.5 when LO is born. He currently goes to a preschool transition class, which means he's in class without me but I'm on campus during the class. Class ends in June. After that its regular preschool/summer camp drop off/pick up which means I won't be on campus. I'm trying to figure out if I want to put him in summer camp, then straight to school come September (to keep the routine of school), or keep him out of summer school in order to spend as much quality time as possible and then put him in preschool around October so that he's had time to adjust.

For those of you that have 2+ kids, did you have your toddler in school before LO was born or after? What was the school transition like?

I will add that he is and will only be in school 2x per week, half days until he's ready for more days per week.

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Re: Preschooler and preg w/ #2

  • My third was born right after my oldest, 3.5 yrs old started preschool. He did really well with the new addition and still going to school. He enjoyed being around his friends! But then again, he already had one younger brother.
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  • I think you're right about looking at it as having him be around his friends. I'm still undecided about summer camp, but I really like your point, thank you :-)
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  • Given that it is 2 days a week, I would keep him in for the summer so that he is used to the routine and has time with his friends, etc.  You will still have tons of time with just the two of you and you can use the time he is in school to get errands done so you don't need to do it with him.  When I was expecting my second, I found that having a good, set routine really helped my older DD a ton.
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  • I'm due with #2 in July and DD will be 3.5 when the baby is born. She started 2 half days of preschool in January. I knew she would be going to preschool in August but I didn't want that new transition so soon after a new baby arriving. I will keep her in the preschool's summer program so that she does not get out of the routine of going to school during the summer. This way, DD is already in a good solid routine with going to school and it won't be another big adjustment so soon after the big life change at home.
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