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Anyone else overly anxious?

I have been so anxious about everything regarding my pregnancy.  I am 8 weeks and 6 days, and I had my first sonogram last week and everything with the baby was perfect.  I've had all the typical pregnancy symptoms, nausea, exhaustion, etc.  I've had daily light spotting when I wipe and my doctor said it was fine, and I actually may just have a more sensitive cervix.  Even though I know I was told it was fine and the sonogram was great I still feel anxious every time I go to the bathroom.  Is anyone else experiencing the spotting or feeling this anxious about it?  How do you cope with the anxiety?

I also just scheduled my first trimester screening for 3 weeks from now, and I am beyond anxious about that as well.  I really don't think anything is wrong with my baby, but I am so afraid that I will get bad news like I'll need further testing because I am high risk or show up and the baby won't have a heartbeat.

I have no real reason to worry constantly like this and I feel crazy.  Is anyone else out there this anxious?  What have you done to alleviate it?

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  • I haven't had any spotting, but I tend to love to get on the Internet and read about everything and when I seem to feel stressed or anxious I go on a walk or take a bath and listen to nature sounds or classical music.
  • I know what you're going through and although I am a ftm I think the anxiety is pretty normal. For me, I keep thinking I am going to miscarry, I have had some spotting too but have been told its totally normal. I keep trying to just relax since I know stress is my enemy. Hope it helps to know you are not alone.
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  • Yeah, try to relax for sure. I think everyone is nervous and worried esp. FTMs. I am worried that my baby won't have a heartbeat or I'll miscarry as well. Try not to worry TOO much and do some relaxing as much as you are able and keep busy!

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  • It is nerve-wrecking even for second time moms. I just repeat: "Today I am pregnant and I love my baby" daily and try to breathe. I started going to yoga classes twice a week and play with my toddler as much as possible.

    I was on medication for anxiety before getting pregnant, so this is a whole new ballgame for me. No way to really avoid anxiety, just have to deal with it!

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  • I feel the same way! I am so anxious for our first u/s in 2 weeks...I'm thinking I'll be relieved once we hear the heartbeat but I'm sure I'll just continue to worry! 
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  • I'm right there with ya.  I only have one tube so I'm having my first US on Friday to make sure baby is in the right spot.  But yeah, I'm freaking out about everything being ok.  I just want to hear that heartbeat! 
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  • I miscarried my first pregnancy at 9 weeks. This time around, at my first appointment with my doctor they squeezed me into an ultrasound because I had spotting and stretchy discharge. The heartbeat was a bit low, so they had me come back in a week for a repeat ultrasound (which I did yesterday). Heartbeat was normal! Now I'm just waiting to get through the first trimester. Once I get there, I feel like I will be able to breathe a bit easier.
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  • Yup, just as much as a nervous wreck as you are!  I am coping by looking at the boards and reading about everyone else freaking out just as much....  Love this site!
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