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Found a new Hobby!

So, I am a lover of baking! (I took decorating classes in order to get better) and I know that after a few more months, I will not want to be getting stuff out of my oven... 

SOOOOO... Mom and I are doing CERAMICS! I've already made an awesome egg tower (Small details not done yet... next thursday...) and started a halloween kitty decoration!

Super excited to be making this, it was something my Mom and Gram did and now I am doing it with my Mom. :) 

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Re: Found a new Hobby!

  • awwww! That's totally cute!


  • image DiapersWipes:
    That's neat.

    I really want to get into sewing. I just need to get my machine out of the box.

    You break out that machine and I can put you to work! I've got 6 belts and 5 vests to see for my belt dance troupe for a performance in three weeks! I need extra hands to help me sew!!! :

  • Thats great! I love painting pottery- it is so relaxing and therapeutic. Its like for that time everything else in the world just fades away as you focus on painting that piece of clay.
  • Have fun! I couldn't stand ceramics lol
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