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Should I be concerned?

I don't feel pregnant. and I haven't since I've found out. No morning sickness, no sore boobs. I have some mild cramping from time to time and I have been breaking out. If it wasn't for my missed period I'd never even know. I'm 10 weeks, almost 11. I had two ultrasounds during my 9th week and everything looked fine, baby's heartbeat was 171. but I don't know, I almost wish I had some morning sickness or something just so I feel pregnant. I just am concerned of silent miscarriage. My next appointment is March 18th and I don't think I'm getting an ultrasound, but I assume they atleast check for heartbeat. Anyone else in the same boat or have some input?Embarrassed
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Re: Should I be concerned?

  • It's normal to not have any symptoms! Be glad you don't! I have had ms for two months now :
  • I didn't have symptoms either but I didn't worry. Instead I thanked God for it each day. I couldn't imagine dealing with MS and trying to work. Enjoy it and be positive. It serves you nothing to worry. Best wishes!

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  • I have very little going on symptom wise.. I know they will be coming, but it is weird to know there's something in there but not to have any real changes. I am trying to live normally (no extra rest needed yet, etc.) as much as I can while I am feeling the same as ever.

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  • I had no symptoms with my first.  If the first had made me as sick as this one is there is no way I would have ever gotten pg again!

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  • No symptoms at all with my first except I would gag eery now and then brushing my teeth. I have friends that have had ms bad though so just be grateful you are feeling so good!

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  • Don't worry, even though I am sure you will. We all do anyways. I was also confused because while pregnant with my son I was super sick for weeks and this time...nothing, except a little nipple soreness. Even that is probably because I still breastfeed. It's strange but the scans showed all good. Consider it lucky!
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